Introducing the brand new MINI Lifebar

Introducing the brand new MINI Lifebar

Lifefood is delighted to introduce a new product for everyone to enjoy! A miniaturized version of our very popular Lifebar – the Lifebar MINI.

The new MINI Lifebar preserves the traditional top ORGANIC RAW VEGAN quality of ingredients and 4 of the most popular flavours are available in this new format: apple, coconut, chocolate and brazil. In addition, the new MINI Lifebar contains only 100 calories.


"The new Mini Lifebar is a great option for those who want to eat healthy and love variety in their diet, but don't have the time – or the desire - for classic snacks during a busy day. This practical 25-gram Lifebar is a great option. It provides the body with high-quality source of energy. It will quickly satisfy your hunger pangs when you don't have time to eat, and will also come in handy when you just want a little sweetness in your day," says Tereza Havrlandova, founder and owner of Lifefood.

Lifebars - like all Lifefood products - are premium quality food products available in a convenient format. What makes them stand out in comparison to other raw snacks on the market is the quality of the ingredients. They are made exclusively with ORGANIC RAW nuts, seeds and dried fruits, which are gently processed at low temperatures. Thanks to this careful process, they retain a high amount of natural nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Lifebars do not contain any artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, gluten, hydrogenated fats, bulking agents or any other additives.