Waste-free Lifefood products? It is indeed possible!

Waste-free Lifefood products? It is indeed possible!

Our planet is overburdened with waste. Lifefood is proud to be part of the "Zero-waste" movement with its products.

Bea Johnson knows it too well. With her Zero Waste book and website, she has launched a global movement a few years ago based on her 5R's:  Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (and only in that order). Her aim is to inspire millions of people that waste-free living can not only be “stylish”, but can also lead to significant health benefits, as well as time and money savings. Bea Johnson's Zero Waste project has taken root in the Czech Republic and Lifefood is proud to be part of it.

It's all about the packagings

At Lifefood we love our packaging. When Lifefood was founded in 2006, standard healthy food always came in unattractive packaging. Healthy food was practically synonymous with bad-looking wrappers. Lifefood managed to change that by focusing on one goal – to combine the protective function of the wrapper with the ecological gentleness that we love and that is in fact the core philosophy of our company.

Back to roots

This is why we strongly support trends like recycling, reusing and other similar trends that we may not even know about yet. Basically, we need to look for ways to eliminate waste, or find ways not to create it in the first place. We are delighted to join the “Bez Obalu” ('Zero-Waste') project which was launched in Prague.

Based on Bea Johnson’s movement, this Czech project allows you to shop the same way our grandmothers used to shop –you come to the store or market with your own bag and buy just the right amount of ingredients that you need – creating no waste in the process. Two such shops have opened in Prague where you can find our Lifebar Mini's and Rawsage.

We would love to spread this idea even further – please do let us know if there are any similar projects near you.