Lifebar Plus now renamed Lifebar Superfoods

Lifebar Plus now renamed Lifebar Superfoods

Your favourite Lifebar Plus which contains superfoods for even more nutritional value, can now be found under the name Lifebar Superfoods.

We hope this change will make it easier to distinguish and choose from our wide range of products.

The ingredients and recipes of the former range of Lifebar Plus remain the same. These extraordinarily healthy bars are:

  • made exclusively from ORGANIC and RAW nuts and fruits
  • made with added special superfoods for even greater nutritional value and performance enhancement
  • Really Raw - meaning RAW live food, from the harvested ingredients to the final product
  • sweetened only with dried fruit, no refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, hardened fats, additives or gluten
  • suitable for traveling, exercising, or for the office
  • always at hand and ready to satisfy the most demanding requirements when it comes to taste and nutrition

With Lifebar Superfoods you can always be sure that you are supplying your body with the best nutrition.


Lifebar Superfoods were tested in professional laboratories for antioxidant content. The tests were excellent! The bars tested over the recommended daily dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants (AOX) protect cells from free radicals, oxidative damage and many other diseases. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the daily AOX intake should be at min. 3000–5000 μmol units. In today's daily diet, people barely consume 1200 μmol of antioxidants.

raw organic lifebar superfoods brazil guarana

Raw Organic Lifebar Superfoods Brazil Guarana

This exquisitely delicious vanilla and Brazil nut bar contains 4 % of natural guarana providing 80mg of caffeine in one bar. Fire up your body for the day with this raw vegan natural energy booster.

Lifefood guarana powder is made by sun-drying the seeds which contain 2-3 times more caffeine than coffee beans. One bar contains the caffeine of 2 cups of strong coffee – not suitable for children and nursing mothers. An interesting combination of fats provided by Brazil nuts, almonds and coconut


raw organic lifebar superfoods maca baobab

Raw Organic Lifebar Superfoods Maca Baobab

Berry Maca Baobab Lifebar Superfoods is a fruity raw superfoods energy bar with high valued Peruvian maca and antioxidant power of cranberries, cherries and baobab.

One Raw Organic Berry Maca Baobab Lifebar Superfoods covers the recommended daily antioxidants intake, in a 47 g bar. See more in tab AOX Values. Baobab pulp dries naturally on the trees inside the hard-shelled fruit to become a 100% natural powder. Maca roots, also called « Peruvina ginseng » are sundried to obtain our maca powder.


raw organic LIFEBAR SUPERFOODS AÇAí banana

Raw Organic Lifebar Superfoods Açaí Banana

This raw energy bar radiates pure vitality. Açai Banana Lifebar Superfoods contains Brazil nuts, fruity açai from the Brazilian Amazon, bananas and surprisingly – red beet juice.

One bar provides the recommended daily antioxidants intake (see more in a tab) and – is simply just delicious! Açaií berries are a deep blue-purple colour due to their high concentration in antioxidant anthocyanins.


raw organic lifebar superfoods blueberry quinoa

Raw Organic Lifebar Superfoods Blueberry Quinoa


Blueberry Quinoa Lifebar Superfoods is an excellent bar without nuts - made with organic germinated quinoa, blueberries, mulberries, buckwheat and sunflower seeds, this raw energy bar will feed your body and your senses. Suitable for vegan, raw food, gluten-free and nut-free diets.

One Raw Organic Blueberry Quinoa Lifebar Superfoods covers 2 times the recommended daily antioxidants intake. See more in tab AOX Values.



raw organic lifebar superfoods chia pistachio

Raw Organic Lifebar Superfoods Chia Pistachio

Chia Pistachio Lifebar Superfoods is a raw chia energy bar made with pistachio and pecan nuts and enhanced with highly nutritious chia seeds and young barley. Let your body enjoy the green power of nature. This nutrient-dense chia bars are the perfect snack for busy people.