Welcoming spring

Welcoming spring

Bringing body and mind in the right mood for the new season

Warmer temperatures and more sport activities

As soon as the first rays of sun show up, we become more motivated to move again. Although some of us keep going during winter with sports like jogging etc.., discipline rises again enormously with the good weather. Instead of a fitness studio and bare walls, you can now use the outdoor studio again - nature! This also brings much more fun and enjoyment to the sport and you quickly notice how the fresh air invigorates the whole body. 

Refuel in the sun and top up your vitamin D

The first rays of sunshine impact positively on our mood and make us think more optimistically again. The sun also brings the well-known "spring feelings", as the body releases less melatonin due to the bright light and good mood is almost pre-programmed. A walk outside or simply letting some light into the dark apartment makes a lot of difference and automatically increases your well-being. Goodbye hibernation - hello spring!


New colours and smells

In the coming months more and more colours will blossom, which remained hidden from us in winter. Pastel colours and fresh smells of new plants increase our well-being and let us recharge our batteries for the year. At every corner you can see yellow, orange and red colours that have been proven to lift your spirits and encourage you to go for walks and exercise again. As the plant world around us awakens, we also awaken more and more and start the new season with a spring in our step.

Fresh herbs and seasonal delicacies

While plants tend to retreat in winter and in the darker seasons of the year, they are all too happy to see the light of day in spring. The perfect time to plant fresh herbs and refresh the garden. At the same time, this also becomes visible in the selection offered by the supermarkets - new types of fruit and vegetables find their way onto the shelves and again allowing us to prepare new delicious recipes. Salad leaves, asparagus, spinach and other spring varieties will soon make their way back on to our plates.


Regular activities and trying out new ones

Spring almost automatically tempts you to try out new things and to be a bit more daring again. How about a new sport or a change in appearance? With the change of weather and the appearance of colours in nature, our own body also comes into “change mode” – it is therefore the ideal time to change something positively in ourselves and refuel with new activities, to gain strength for the rest year.

The inner spring cleaning!

For many, with spring comes a complete spring clean at home. Old and no longer needed possessions are sorted out, cupboards are cleared out and cleaned and furniture is moved around. But have you ever thought about the inner spring cleaning? If you often have the feeling that you don't have time for yourself and for the important things in life, you should deal with this now. Consciously allow yourself time that belongs only to you and during which you can rest. Why not set yourself goals that you want to achieve throughout the year - be it something sporty, in the form of a marathon or the restructuring of the garden - there are no limits here.

Ready to embrace the months to come

If you take some of these tips to heart, you will quickly notice that spring can be seen as a kind of new beginning for us all. Seasonal, fresh ingredients and colourful plant species are once again the order of the day and will keep you in a good mood. So let's say farewell to winter and let’s welcome spring with open arms!