Back to school: 9 Tips to snack healthy with Lifefood

Back to school: 9 Tips to snack healthy with Lifefood

Choosing balanced snacks for your kids is important.

Creating snacks for school days can be tiring. Finding inspiration and most importantly – how to best nourish our child? The food should be balanced, it should not make our child tired or over-active with too much sugar.

Lifefood produces healthy snack food and many of our products are loved by children. Parents appreciate that they are fully organic, raw, without added sugar, gluten-free and vegan. We bring you our tips to create favourite children snacks.

1. Raw Organic Apple Lifebar 

Raw Organic Apple Lifebar

Children in general love our Lifebars because they are soft and sweet. But the all time favourite for them is the simple yet super delicious apple Lifebar. It does not contain nuts so it is suitable for children allergic to nuts; it is sweetened only with dates and ground cinnamon. And the high content of apple and sprouted sunflower seeds make it a very soft and sweet bar.


2. Raw Organic Life Breakfast Bowl Cacao 

Cacao Bowl

Although called breakfast, this mixture is perfect at any time of the day. Just add some water or plant milk and mix the bowl for children. They will love it! It contains fruits, cacao, cinnamon, quinoa, flax seeds, protein powder and many more super nutritional ingredients.


3. Raw Organic Spiced Fig Life Sweets 

Spiced figs

Another nut-free product loved by children. Golden flax seed and figs are spiced up with gingerbread spices and altogether it makes a sweet and soft roll of goodness. Children can enjoy it at school or on trips as they are very nutritious and only few little pieces can beat hunger.


4. Raw Organic Dream Cream Chocolate 

Dream Cream Chocolate

This is a big secret of those who love sweets but want to give their body the best to live happy vibrant life. This raw chocolate spread is pure delicacy made of more than 66 % of almond paste, agave syrup, raw chocolate and ground vanilla. That's all! Can you see it? No palm oil, no added sugar, no preservatives. This jar is the purest health from nature. It can be eaten with Life Crackers – but we all know, that it tastes best with a spoon directly from the jar! :-)))


5. Raw Organic Carrot Life Crackers 

Carrot Crackers


Speaking of Life Crackers – we have plenty of them for everyone to choose from and children have their favourites. For the chocolate spread we recommend simple Raw Organic Chia Flax Life Crackers that are made of these 2 ingredients, without salt,  only and therefore they are perfect for any spreads. But the all time children‘s favourites are the Raw Organic Carrot Life Crackers that are slightly sweet, with super low salt content, and children love them as they are, without anything on them.


6. Raw Organic Onion Crisps 

Onion crisps

When it comes to children’s snacks, crisps and french fries are on top of the list. All children love them. Luckily, there is also an alternative to this not-so-healthy food. Lifefood produces crisps that are dried instead of fried, without added oil. They are not so crispy as their unhealthy counterparts but contain only good ingredients and can be called healthy snacks. Give it a try, children love the onion crisps but we have also beetroot and kale (Real veggie specialities coated in a marinade of seeds and herbs. But not loved by all children to be honest).


7. Raw Organic Coconut Buckwheaties Life Sweets 

coconut buckwheaties

Back to sweets – Coconut Buckwheaties are very soft cookies like sweets, or granola-like bites, made with dates, coconut, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, golden flax seeds and of course buckwheat (germinated!) and coconut. Flavoured with lemon juice, ground cinnamon and nutmeg, these cookies are really loved by children of all ages. It means, also by us, grown up „adult children“ :)) Enjoy!


8. Raw Organic Chocolate Granola Cookie 

Granola cookie

Last but not least, this is a very special luxurious cookie meant for special moments of joy. Nutritiously dense, just a few bites fill you with joy! For children, it is sweet and soft enough, made with nuts and fruits and coated with fine orange dark chocolate. Always having it in a bag is a true life saver.


9. Raw Organic Dried Pear Slices 

pear slices

And here you have it, really super simple, pure and natural snacks – dried fruits are a winner with every parent. With a low water concentration, the fruit have a more intense flavour and are sweeter than fresh fruit. Therefore children enjoy the wide choice of dried fruits. Our experience is that they love all the classics like apples, raisins or bananas, but our super loved delicacy which is not so often in shops, is dried pear. It is very soft and juicy and as with all healthy real food – just a few bites make you feel full and help reduce sweet cravings. Definitely worth having close by.


Got a bit more inspiration now? May your children enjoy our raw organic snacks to stay happy and healthy. And don't forget to feed them with the best ingredient – your love!

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