Everyday superfood: sauerkraut

Everyday superfood: sauerkraut

The local superfood. Hearty sauerkraut for health.

You may think that superfoods tend to be sweet and fruity but rest assured, there is something for everyone. Fans of savoury and spicy dishes, we have some great news. Meet the local sauerkraut! What is in some countries celebrated as a traditional national dish is already well known in the world of superfoods. “Powerkraut”, which is made out of white cabbage or pointed cabbage, offers an enormous amount of nutrients. We'll tell you what makes this ingredient so special.

The nutrients and health benefits

Sauerkraut was originally popular in Central and Eastern European cuisines, but also in other countries including the Netherlands, where it is known as zuurkool, and France, where the name became choucroute. The English name is borrowed from German where it means "sour vegetable".

Although it is mostly consumed as a side dish, it is now being considered as a superfood. The seafarers have kept themselves above water with the “Powerkraut” in wind and poor weather across the high seas and used the important nutrients to stay healthy. The long-lasting ingredient provided the sailors of that time with important vitamins for months and thus protected them from diseases. Today's recipe, however, allows us to conjure up a creative and fresh dish from simple sauerkraut.

Microorganisms, which are found in raw and natural sauerkraut, protect our intestinal flora and ensure good digestion. If these organisms are eliminated, for example by taking antibiotics, the intestinal flora is disturbed. Not only can this be exhausting, it also makes it easier for other pathogens to find a target. By eating sauerkraut, the intestinal flora can be restored and our health can also be improved. In particular, raw and natural sauerkraut offers the most benefits. Pasteurised sauerkraut no longer possesses any living microorganisms (they die off by heating), so that the desired effect often fails to appear.


In addition, the vitamin C contained in sauerkraut is not to be neglected as well. It protects our immune system, which makes superfood particularly popular in the cold season. Flu infections and colds can be quickly eliminated with the help of some homemade Sauerkraut. The acetylcholine produced during fermentation increases blood circulation and also has a calming and mood-lifting effect. Through the combination of these nutrients, it has more than earned the name "Superfood".

What is this Superfood made of?

The name "Sauerkraut", however, only describes the end product as it later ends up on our plate. This consists mainly of white cabbage and salt. Salt extracts the water from the cabbage and makes it last longer. 100 grams of white cabbage consists of large parts of water. The healthy and hearty cabbage only contains 0.1 to 0.2 grams fat.

If you drizzle fresh and raw sauerkraut with some vegetable oil, such as linseed oil, and add some aromatic fruit, you can create a completely new taste experience. Fresh sauerkraut has an intense and unique taste, which has unfortunately been lost in the product available in bags from the conventional supermarket.

Lifefood Sauerkraut: your “on the go” option 

If you don't have the opportunity to include fresh raw vegetables and sauerkraut in your menu, you can always fall back on freshly prepared snacks. After all, the healthy “Powerfood” should not only be used in your own four walls.

Our hearty Lifefood crackers with sauerkraut and buckwheat have all the beneficial properties and are very handy at the same time. Finished off with golden linseed and sunflower seeds, and seasoned with caraway, there is the perfect combination to enhance the taste of sauerkraut.

Our Lifefood Crackers with chia seeds and the popular Sauerkraut also provide some variety. Only unpasteurised Sauerkraut is added to our products in order to preserve all the important nutrients. Chia seeds from certified organic cultivation add healthy omega-3 fatty acids and offer a large amount of calcium. Perfect as a snack between meals or as a healthy nibble as an alternative to chips in the evening.

Everyday Superfoods delivered to your door 

As you can see, Superfoods are not always exotic. It is important to appreciate and make the most of our local produce. Sauerkraut is one of those ingredients which offers plenty of health benefits and for that reason, it is slowly regaining popularity and is seducing health-conscious people. 

Fresh and raw sauerkraut supplies the body with minerals and important vitamins. It also supports our digestion which in turn boosts our metabolism.

In addition, sauerkraut is also very easy to make - even at home, all you need is a white cabbage head, a preserving container, some cumin and salt. Add apples or pears as well as selected herbs, and you will create a true feast for the palate!


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