Vitalizing Sea Vegetable Soup

Wonderfully refreshing, thanks to the pure, cool water and cucumber.
20 minutes

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Vitalizing Sea Vegetable Soup

Raw Organic Sundried Tomatoes Halves

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Vitalizing Sea Vegetable Soup

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Cut the dried tomatoes into small pieces and soak for about 1 hour (later you can add the water to the soup). Quarter the fresh tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut pulp into small cubes.

Also cut the cucumber into small cubes. Grate carrot and courgette into small strips. Likewise rub the fennel very finely, so that the flavor can distribute well. Then give the Lifefood dulse flakes, Lifefood sea lettuce and the vegetables in 200 ml of water.

Feel free to add as much cold water and soy sauce as you like. The vegetables can be varied according to preference and proportion.

Lifefood Tip: Give your soup a crispy note by adding Carrot Life Crackers.

Dried Tomato(es) Lifefood Product 1
Carrot 1/4
Courgette(s) 1
Fennel 1
Cucumber 1
Fresh Tomato(es) 1
Sea Lettuce Lifefood Product 7 piece(s)
Red Dulse Flakes Lifefood Product 1 tsp
Water 200 ml
Soy sauce (Shoyu) to taste
Carrot Life Crackers Lifefood Product
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