Marinated Pumpkin Salad

A different way to prepare pumpkin, as thin slices marinated in ginger and rosemary.
Pumpkin Recipes
30 minutes

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Marinated Pumpkin Salad

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Thinly slice the pumpkin (a potato peeler is a great help) and toss it into a marinade of extravirgin olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and grated ginger. Let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours, then remove the rosemary. Combine all the ingredients, season with salt, pepper and oil and serve.

Marinated Pumpkin Salad is excellent with Black Olive & Sundried Tomato Crackers.

This recipe was created in cooperation with Stefania from the wonderful food blog La Tortoise.

Corn Salad 100 g
Radicchio Lettuce 100 g
Hokkaido Pumpkin (without shell) 300 g
Red Onion 1
Pomegranate Seeds Lifefood Product 2 tsp
Poppy Seeds 2 tsp
Sea Salt little bit of
Black Pepper little bit of
Rosemary little bit of
Ginger (fresh) little bit of
Olive Oil little bit of
Black Olives, Pitted Lifefood Product handful
Carrot Life Crackers Lifefood Product Box
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