Courgette Sea Side Style

Gourmet salad of courgettes seasoned with soy sauce and dulse. Quick and easy.
15 minutes

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Courgette Sea Side Style

Raw Organic Sesame Seeds (unhulled)

250 g pack size

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Grate the courgettes into 4mm thin stripes. Put them into a big salad bowl and add lemon juice, olive oil and soy sauce. Mix everything well.

Now you need to add Lifefood dulse flakes and mix everything again. Put your courgette salad in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Sprinkle sesame seeds over it before serving.

The given amount serves 2 people.

Lifefood tip: Add kelp flakes instead or find you favorite combination of dulse and kelp. If there is too much liquid in your salad, just add more seaweeds.

Courgette(s) 2
Lemon 1
Red Dulse Flakes Lifefood Product 4 tsp
Olive Oil 2 tsp
Soy sauce (Shoyu) 2 tsp
Sesame Seeds Lifefood Product 1 tsp
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