Carrot Almond Dip

Almond paste, carrots, courgettes and celery combined in a delicious dip. Suitable for SOS diet. Light, fresh, pure and the easiest dip to make!
Spreads & Crackers
10 minutes


Absolutely easy to make! Light, fresh and tasty dip, that goes well with any kind of raw breads and crackers.

Simply process all the ingredients in a food processor or blend in your Vitamix into a fine cream. Be patient with this. If you like, you may add any fresh herbs of your choice, such as fresh cilantro, which works awesomely in this recipe.

This Carrot Almond Dip already tastes fantastic without any seasonings - fresh and pure! That’s why, when served with our Chia Flax Unsalted Crackers, leafy greens and some veggies, you have a complete meal or snack that is light, full of nutrients and fiber and without any harmful salt.

Lifefood Tip

Good for SOS diet (salt-oil-sugar-free). It can be made without salt or seasonings, so it is good to enjoy with salt-free crackers or bread, or simply for dipping the veggies.

If you find the taste of the dip kind of bland, you can of course add as much salt as you wish, or any similar seasoning like tamari sauce that you prefer. The choice is always up to you.

Servings: 2

Almond Paste Lifefood Product 4 tsp
Tahini (raw) or
Courgette(s) 1/2
Celery 2 stalk(s)
Carrot(s) 4
Curry pinch of
Turmeric or
Red Dulse Flakes Lifefood Product to taste
Sea Salt to taste