Veganism - from a physical/health point of view

Veganism - from a physical/health point of view

Is veganism related to good health? We share our experience with you.

If you have recently decided to go vegan, you may have done so for health reasons. The issue around vegan nutrition in relation to health is gaining more and more followers and is being researched further year after year. But what exactly is it about? We have listed the most important aspects when it comes to health and physical effects.

Veganism and health

Whoever decides to go vegan out of love for his or her own body and health, has probably already learned extensively about this topic. Thanks to the internet and lots of other sources of information, this is fortunately quite easy nowadays.

Who doesn't know it - "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away"? This sentence has more background than you might think. Also the recommendation of many doctors "5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day" does not exist by chance. Food, such as fruit and vegetables, are important for our bodies and provide us with vitamins, minerals and especially large amount of dietary fibres that our body needs to function well. The fact that these points are decisive for a healthy lifestyle is undisputed.

Veganism - from a physical/health point of view

Common diseases caused by animal products?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics consists of more than 70,000 nutritionists, researchers, and medical experts. These and other nutritional organizations believe that a fully vegan diet is healthy and suitable for all ages and life stages.

One often hears of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and cancer in connection with animal products. So would the renunciation of these make you healthier in the long run? If antibiotic residues in meat and other animal diseases are taken into account, this is absolutely correct. Meat is often suspected of causing or promoting bowel cancer, for example. Also, the high cholesterol and the saturated fatty acid content make meat a risky food.

Those who switch to a purely plant-based diet and follow a well-thought-out diet plan can positively influence their health and are able to avoid many of the above-mentioned diseases. Of course, some nutrients need special attention. Vitamin B12, in particular, is important for our body and should, therefore (even by non-vegans!) be taken in sufficient quantity via other foods or dietary supplements.

Stomach problems due to milk?

Several studies have tested the extent to which we humans can tolerate milk. These studies have shown that about 70% of people cannot digest milk properly. Many even complain of stomach pain and nausea after consumption. This factor almost makes you think about to what extent milk can be important for our diet. Those who fall back on milk products despite intolerances quickly risk suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions. Meanwhile, we can find plant-based milk alternatives in all supermarkets, which facilitates the switch and they even taste super good!

Veganism - from a physical/health point of view

Overuse of medicines

There's a pill for every aches and pains! Whether it's heartburn or a weak immune system - nowadays medication is supposed to get everything under control. But what some do not consider here is that many of these diseases are caused by an unhealthy diet, including a large range of animal products and unhealthy fats. Many people want to strengthen their immune system with synthetically produced products and sometimes spend large sums on them. It is possible to do without many of these pills and powders by following a healthy and balanced plant-based diet.

Healthy with plants only

Whoever wants to do something good for his or her body and say goodbye to unhealthy animal fats will do well with a vegan lifestyle. It is important to pay attention to all necessary nutrients and to follow a balanced diet. The risk of getting typical diseases will be reduced and you will feel so much fitter and healthier overall. Should you decide to try a vegan diet for health reasons, then this can definitely be a step toward a healthy and above all tasty way of life.