Why pumpkin protein?

Why pumpkin protein?

Curious what makes pumpkin protein so special and why you should use it?

We asked Lifefood Quality Control Department and here are the answers.  Find out what it tastes like and how it is produced.

Pumpkin protein – What? Every time we explain the base of our new vegan superfood protein powders, we get that crazy look on people's faces when we use the word "pumpkin protein".

“Pumpkin contains protein?”

“You can use the protein of pumpkin seeds in a powder?”

“What's so special about pumpkin protein?”

It’s pumpkin time and we are eager to share this little valuable piece of knowledge with you. Time to talk to Lifefood Quality Control Department staff about the advantages and benefits of our raw pumpkin protein! Curious? Let’s find out…


Lifefood Pumpkin Protein

Pumpkin protein is a non-dairy, vegan friendly, non-legume, nut-free, easy to digest source of protein.

Lifefood pumpkin protein has a nutty taste. Its green color reminds us of tasty pumpkin seeds and it has a fine powder texture because of the special grinding process. You can find it in our new raw and vegan protein powders Green Vanilla, Fruit Antiox and Cacao Spirulina.


How to make pumpkin protein?

Pumpkin protein powder is obtained during the cold-processed extraction of the pumpkin seed oil. Of course we only work with companies who follow our rawfood path and do not exceed the temperature of 4 °C during the dehydration process.

The left-over of this extraction process is called a "press cake". This cake is then taken to a mill where it is ground into flour. Lifefood raw protein is ground twice. Afterwards it is sieved to make sure only the finest powder is packed for you! Made with love.


Why pumpkin protein?

"We use pumpkin protein because we want to improve the amino acid profile of our powders. When mixed with hemp, sunflower and chia protein, the pumpkin protein brings a greater amino-acid diversity in the product, which is the reason why you should use our new vegan raw protein powders!"  explains Lifefood Quality Department staff situated in Prague. 

Have you found your favorite yet? 

Discover Lifefood Raw Protein Powders

Looking for a good source of plant protein? Well, don't look any further! We’ve prepared sophisticated blends of the best raw plant proteins, together with selected superfoods, especially for you. Pure plant protein for daily use!



RawProtein green vanilla

Raw Protein Powder Green Vanilla

Based on hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seed proteins, Green Vanilla is characterised by the sweet taste of lucuma, mesquite and vanilla powder. Mix with water and use as a recovery drink after your sports training or in between meals.

Rawprotein cacao spirulina

Raw Protein Powder Cacao Spirulina

Enjoy this plant protein drink, based on hemp, sunflower, chia and pumpkin seed proteins, in smoothies, nut-milk drinks and juices, or just simply with water. Together with a hint of lucuma and the sweet taste of banana, you get a smooth chocolate flavour. Perfect for all who want to add sweetness to their protein drinks.

Rawprotein fruit antiox

Raw Protein Powder Fruit Antiox

Fruit Antiox combines hemp, sunflower, chia and pumpkin seed protein powders with banana, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry plus lucuma and baobab powders. Use this raw, wholefood protein drink on the go or at home, before or after exercise