Olives - nutrient bomb of the olive tree

Olives - nutrient bomb of the olive tree

Healthy with olives - discover their positive characteristics.

The fruits of the olive tree are extremely popular and they offer nutrients that can support our body in the fight against diseases. Olives have been cultivated for over 4000 years - but the first wild fruits were found over 9000 years ago. Even then the olive tree was considered a sacred tree of the goddess Athena.

When Poseidon and Athena fought over the rule of Athens, she gave the people an olive tree as a gift. The people knew about the healing powers of olives, which is why Athena instead of Poseidon was chosen as a goddess by the Greeks. Even today the healing powers are still in great demand. In this article, you will learn which valuable nutrients are hidden in this fruit.

Healthy with olives - discover their positive characteristics.

Where does the olive come from?

The olive is grown mainly in the Mediterranean region, but also in South Africa, Argentina, California and even Australia. A pleasantly warm, but not too hot climate creates the ideal conditions for growth. We at Lifefood source our olives from a steppe near the coast in Peru. For more than 400 years the best trees have been selected and cultivated there in an old family tradition.

There are hundreds of varieties of olives with different tones - but the colour does not indicate the type, but rather the degree of ripeness of the fruit. This means that the green ones are harvested before they are ripe.

Nutrients found in the olive and its tree

The olive tree can be used in many different ways. For example, the wood is not only extremely stable and robust, but the leaves are also excellent as tea, which are known to protect and strengthen the immune system.

Olives - nutrient bomb of the olive tree

In 100 grams of green olives there are only 3 grams of carbohydrates, the black variety contains about twice as much. Minerals and trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, sodium, zinc, calcium, and magnesium as well as a multitude of vitamins including folic acid make olives real nutrient bombs. They also contain polyphenols and sterols, which belong to the antioxidant family and have an anti-inflammatory effect in the human body.

Special cultivation of Lifefood olives

As you may know, here at Lifefood, we always focus on the best organic quality. Our farmers often use alternative methods in order to harvest a first-class raw material. Our olive farmers, for example, have discovered that corn is affected by the same pests as the olive tree. In order to prevent the pests from infesting the olive tree, corn plants are planted around the olive tree, so that the pests remain on the corn and do not affect the valuable olives.

So it is possible to grow olives in first-class quality without any pesticides! This costs more and also requires more patience and time, but you can taste the difference and therefore it is definitely worth it!

Olives - nutrient bomb of the olive tree

Products with olives from Lifefood

Olives are available with or without salt. Whoever chooses the organic Black Botija olives without salt gets pure nature. The olives are neither fermented nor do they contain additional oil. These olives ripen and dry on the tree. During the harvest, they are packed directly into the jars. Here you should note, however, that these olives come with a naturally bitter taste. This is real raw food quality!

The Botija olives with salt also promise to offer a very special taste experience with a variety of nutrients. The fruits of the olive tree spend a whole two months in a sea salt-water mixture (fermentation process) and are then dried below 45 degrees. Perfect as a snack or finger food option for the evening.

If you would like to further explore the range of delicacies, you should also take a look at our delicious raw organic olive bread with carrots, almonds, and buckwheat. Combined with the Peruvian Olive Tapenade, your tastebuds will be satisfied for the day.

The Rawsage Olive is another masterpiece of the culinary art, made of nuts, herbs and our exclusive Peruvian olives from family farm. An excellent savoury snack instead of junk food. Spices that support digestion. Nuts as a healthy source of fat.