Rawsage – the first raw vegan sausage

Rawsage – the first raw vegan sausage

Ingenious, delicious, addictive – the best description for this new Rawsage. A raw savoury snack with a devilishly exquisite taste of nuts, cherry tomatoes, herbs and spices. Rawsage will satisfy all your cravings as well as supply your body with the best nutrients possible.

This raw vegan sausage is, unlike ordinary snacks, made exclusively from whole foods, without any chemicals or fillers and is dried at low temperatures. Rawsage is another star of Lifefood raw savory snacks  that are here to satisfy all your cravings as well as supply your body with the best nutrients possible. 


The name Rawsage, which came from the combination of raw and sausage, says it all: you won't be able to tell the difference from its meat counterpart, thanks to its intense and delicious flavour. Its spicy fragrance will definitely win you over. Classical delicacies such as fried potato chips or salami and smoked meat products are high in fats, contains chemicals and are entirely unhealthy. On the contrary, Rawsage is a pure and clean snack that tastes absolutely delicious. Don't believe us? Let your meat-eating friends taste test it and you'll see for yourself!


What do people say about the raw vegan Rawsage?

Unbelievable! I can't tell the difference from a sausage made of real meat !“ Katka K.


„ I give up and I'm changing my opinion about vegan cuisine.“ Robert S.


„It's simple. This is going to be my first-aid bar from now on. For real.“ Lionda N.


The Star of RawFest, aka the wish for a healthy sausage fulfilled.

„The Rawsage was fantastically successful at Rawfest last year, therefore we have decided to offer it to everybody, says Tereza Havrlandova, the Lifefood owner and one of the creators of the sophisticated recipe of this new raw delicacy. „Rawsage is truly the whole shebang.

The journey towards this harmonious combination of ingredients was long and adventurous. But it was worth it! Rawsage is a hit, that everyone will enjoy!“.


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Healthy snacking for everyone

In accordance with Lifefood philosophy of maintaining the highest possible quality and fulfilling the strictest requirements of living food, Rawsage is made only from premium ORGANIC RAW quality ingredients that are processed at low temperatures.  Really raw food, really raw quality. It contains only whole food ingredients and is a source of nutrients in their original, purest form. Vegan, gluten free, lactose free, without any chemical substitutes or fillings. Clean eating at its purest form!