Hitch your wagon to a new animal: 2021 is the Chinese year of the Metal Ox

Hitch your wagon to a new animal: 2021 is the Chinese year of the Metal Ox

Who will receive the support of the Metal element and who will harness the benefits of the Ox?

Recently, we have entered a new year, which from the Chinese perspective will come under the rule of the Ox. The strong Ox replaces the chaotic Rat. What remains the same this year is the Metal element. So, welcome to the year of the Metal Ox. What does this mean for you and how can you use these forces to your benefit?

Metal: Whoever understands one's life lessons will be supported

Let's look at metal first. Metal, within the flow of Qi - the life force, means the separation of the muddled and impure from the pure. Therefore, in the body, related to this element are the lungs, the large intestine and skin. Metal also means a decline, which is also related to purification. In nature, dry late autumn corresponds to this energy. The leaves fall from the trees, the above-ground part of the plants dies, the pure things return to their source, so that they can regenerate. The impurities fall away.

In this respect, it can be expected that this year will not give us a break either. In short - what is not meant to live will die.[nbsp]

The uncompromising metal reveals the true essence of things, cuts to the bone. Nobody and nothing can escape. Truth and falsehood will become apparent. The masks will fall off. He, who is afraid will become even more afraid. Whoever can understand his or her lessons and learn from them will be uplifted by the energy of pure Metal.

Harness the Ox - honest work will bear fruit

In this sense, the year of 2021 will be in the same spirit as the previous one, except only the dynamics will be different. While the Rat was running back and forth throughout last year, this year the Ox will be hitched to a plough. What do I mean by that? Unlike the chaotic Rat - running here and there and everywhere, this year's energy will flow patiently. Honest work, and patient execution and planning of long-term goals will reap the greatest benefit. This year will also support lasting and long-term value.

With the Ox you will enjoy a bountiful harvest in your relationships

The Ox will also affect our relationships. It will bring back a sense of honor and loyalty to them. Those relationships that did not survive the chaotic maneuvers of the Rats were not viable. Those that overcame this rodent crisis have become strong and will reap what they have sown. I wish everyone whose relationships withstood last year's onslaught a pleasant harvest.

In addition, the first few months of this year are under the influence of the Metal Tiger. Plunge into new projects and goals with the ferocity of a tiger. This month it is important to incorporate new habits. But it will require a good deal of discipline. But you already know that. So, get to work!

I wish us all a wonderful year of the Metal Ox.

Yours, Eva Zimmelová

Eva Zimmelová

Eva Zimmelová is a Chinese therapist and diagnostician with 25 years of experience. She has been practicing and teaching Tai-ji and Qi-gong for over twenty years. As a Tai-ji teacher and physio-fitness trainer, she worked at Prof. Pavel Kolář's Center of Physical Medicine. Currently, she has a private practice in Prague.

On the Lifefood blog, she shares her experiences and knowledge regarding traditional Chinese medicine and how it can help us take better care of ourselves.