Figs - a versatile fruit with natural sweetness

Figs - a versatile fruit with natural sweetness

Fresh or dried figs? Equally delicious!

The fruit, which originates from the Mediterranean region, offers many different benefits. The taste of the fig is always sweet and fresh, but the skin and flesh can differ considerably depending on the variety. They can be oval, round, but also pear-shaped with a green, brownish or purple outer skin. The flesh can range from a delicate pink to an intense dark red.

Of course, you can use figs in many different ways. How about a delicious and fresh (raw plant-based) jam? Or you can simply eat the fig as it is. 

In addition to its delicious taste, the fig also offers you a whole range of healthy nutrients. Depending on whether it is fresh or dried fruit, the nutrition can differ. Let’s find out more. 

Figs - a versatile fruit with natural sweetness

Nutrients from fresh figs

The aroma of freshly picked figs, preferably directly from the tree, is incomparable. Unfortunately, in our latitudes, the fruit is usually harvested unripe so as not to be overripe on arrival at the supermarket and this aroma is often not present. Nevertheless, figs offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.

Fresh figs are mainly available in late summer or autumn. After purchase, they should be stored in a cool place and should be consumed as quickly as possible. The ripening process of the fruit begins within a few days so that the fruit changes its structure and soon becomes inedible.

Figs can be enjoyed fresh or dried and contain iron, phosphorus, magnesium and some potassium. Packed with a lot of vitamin B, figs not only lift our mood but also provide sufficient energy. Vitamin B also strengthens our nerves to help us stay calm in stressful situations. In addition, the many fibres found in the sweet fruit help with digestion and satiety. 

But even if the fresh variety is very popular, the dried version has its own advantages.

Figs - a versatile fruit with natural sweetness

Dried figs for the road

Due to the sensitivity of fresh figs, many rely on the dried version. If you are looking for figs in the supermarket outside its season, you will mostly find the dried fruit. Their shelflife is much longer than fresh figs and for that reason, they are ideal as a snack on the go. So if you travel a lot and if you are looking for a vitamin-rich, healthy snack, why not try dried figs?

Figs from conventional cultivation are usually considered almost “baked” - that is, exposed to really high temperatures. Of course, by doing it this way, all important nutrients are lost and the result is a snack that consists mainly of sugar, even if it is fructose.

The REALLY RAW figs available from Lifefood are mostly dried in the sun, or gently dried below 45°C. Vitamins and minerals are preserved by using this method. The fruit is harvested ripe from the tree and then dried. This promises not only a full taste, but also a wide range of nutrients.

Figs - a versatile fruit with natural sweetness

The removal of water not only increases the fructose content but also the energy level of the fruit. A perfect snack for on the go, or to power up your next hike. However, the high fructose content should not be ignored when snacking between meals. Eating too many dried figs at once will turn this powerhouse into a high calorie and high sugar snack.

Lifefood Products with figs

You will find raw and dried figs in our product catalogue. These are not only unsweetened but also come in the usual raw organic quality. If you don't fancy eating the fruit as it is, you can incorporate it into many recipes. Its sweet taste makes it particularly delicious on a green salad, or in your morning breakfast porridge. 

But for those who want to try something different, we invite you to discover our ever so popular Spiced Fig Flax Rolls with gingerbread spice. The spices go so well with sweet figs and are particularly popular among children. The rolls consist mainly of golden linseed and dried figs and are complemented by raw agave syrup and sunflower seeds. A natural and tasty snack for in between meals.

Raw energy bars are always handy when traveling or hiking. If you don't want to make them yourself, you can taste our delicious Lifebar bars with fig. The natural sweetness comes from the dates and figs. Nuts from certified organic cultivation give you further nutrients and a boost of energy. The fig's natural sweetness provides an incomparable taste without added sugar or sweeteners. Try it for yourself!