Detox after the Christmas season | Part 2

Detox after the Christmas season | Part 2

Detox in January - but in a sustainable and healthy way!

As noted in our last article on "physical detoxification", it is always important and beneficial to do something good for your body. The combination of sports, good nutrition, fresh air, and circulation-promoting measures lay the foundation for complete detoxification and pave the way for good health. However, this is not only based on the physical variant but also requires psychological detoxification - the one that brings mind and soul into harmony and helps achieve a more positive mindset. 

The self-healing ability of our body

If you've already started switching your diet to a healthy, vitamin-rich and balanced diet, the first step is already done. It is essential to choose organic products, because unnecessary chemicals, unfortunately used in many fruits and vegetables, can irritate our body.

With enough fluids, in the form of water, as well as enough sleep, the physical conditions are set. But only when one has a clear mind and is in perfect balance, head and body have time and energy to heal and detoxify themselves. Both areas complement each other and are only half as effective without the other.


It is not only sport that supports the detoxification. Simple methods that can be perfectly integrated into everyday life, let us work on our body and our well-being at all times. A juice cure or fasting, for example, can help here as part of your everyday routine. It may be a challenge to take the first step but then you realize that each step brings an increasingly positive feeling and overall well-being improves.

Psychological attitude

One area that is often underestimated is our attitude. Especially in the winter time, one tends to adapt quickly to the wet and grey weather and a slower pace which can impact on our mood negatively - but we shouldn’t let that happen. Learn to accept things as they come and as they are - especially those situations where nothing can be changed. We believe most events happen for a reason and at the same time open new doors and avenues.

A positive attitude to life, gratitude and reasonable expectations can give you more composure and above all more acceptance.

A positive attitude also affects your environment - your mood can lift others and it creates an environment in which you feel comfortable and with which you like to surround yourself. So you do not only do something good for yourself, but also for other people.

Social environment

Our social environment also plays a crucial role here - often our character and our attitudes adapt to those of our fellow human beings. If you want to go home with a good feeling and just want to share a little joy, you can take care of your friends and family.

Here are some ways to do something good for your social environment. For example, one option would be to support a charity. Ever wished you could help in a food bank or give back to others in some other ways? Volunteers are always needed and all types of support are welcome.

Volunteering can be done in many different areas, such as in animal shelters and animal organizations, as well as hospitals and refugee camps. Almost all areas are continually looking for support, which will open some doors. The balance of psychological and physical aspects must be right and at best complementary.

Complete detox for body and mind

Both variants are therefore closely related and both are extremely important to enable complete detoxification of the body. The physical part treats only the body itself, but not the mind. For this to happen, we need to add the psychological detoxification to round off the complete detoxification of the body. Although the physical variant is the basis for the psychological, both are necessary for a complete, holistic and sustainable detoxification.

As you go through this process, you will notice how your body strengthens and gains energy. You will soon be on your way to a full recovery. Tiredness, lethargy, and malaise will be a thing of the past - you just have to trust yourself and explore the options!