Coronavirus: What nature is telling us

Coronavirus: What nature is telling us

Even if many people are sick right now, there is always a positive side.

It could be that in Italy's ports the ships lie idle for the next few weeks or months... but it could also be that dolphins and other marine creatures will finally be allowed to take back their natural habitat. Dolphins have been spotted in Italian ports, and even swimming in Venice's canals again!

It could be that people feel trapped in their houses and apartments... But it could also be that they are finally singing together, helping each other and experiencing a sense of community again which may have been somewhat lost.

It could be that the restriction of air traffic means deprivation of freedom for many and brings with it professional restrictions, ... But it could also be that the earth breathes a sigh of relief, that the sky becomes more colourful and that children in China see the blue sky for the first time in their lives. Look at the sky today, how calm and blue it has become!

It could be that the closure of kindergartens and schools is an immense challenge for many parents,... but it could also be that many children have long since been given the chance to finally become creative themselves, to act on impulse and to slow down. And also parents may get to know their children on a new level. 

Who knows that the future brings

It could be that our economy suffers tremendous damage... but it could also be that we finally realise what is really important in our lives and that constant growth is an absurd idea of the consumer society. We have become the puppets of the economy. It was time to realise how little we actually need.

It could be that you are somehow overwhelmed... but it could also be that you feel that this crisis is a chance for a long-overdue change, 

  • that lets the earth breathe again, 
  • that puts children in touch with long-forgotten values, 
  • forces our society to slow down enormously, 
  • can be the birth of a new form of togetherness,
  • that reduces the mountains of rubbish at least once for the next few weeks,
  • and that shows us how quickly the earth is ready to begin its regeneration if we let people take care of it and let it breathe again.

We are shaken awake because we did not recognise the urgency ourselves. Because our future is at stake. It is about the future of our children.