A happy new year from Lifefood team and Tereza, the owner of Lifefood

A happy new year from Lifefood team and Tereza, the owner of Lifefood

“To all fans of food full of life and love!”

We are grateful for being able to spend another wonderful year with you. Thanks to you we have introduced two new flavours of Lifebars – The Nuts Vanilla Lifebar and the Wild Berry Lifebar. We also answered your wishes and came up with the original Flatbread - a caraway cracker with psyllium for good digestion. And according to your feedback, it has been a huge hit. Thank you!

And we're not stopping there. In the coming year, we will prepare and develop new original products including healthy treats that you can put in your pocket, purse or backpack – all organic and ethical, of course. Really Raw (now an official certification) and ORGANIC are two key qualities that make sure that our products contain active enzymes and nutrients that nourish the body and mind at cellular level.

At the same time, here at Lifefood, we assure you that, through our products, we will continue to promote a healthy, joyful, sustainable and conscious life on planet Earth. This is the reason why we are recognised as a Fair Company, which strives to promote positive changes in society.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for realising that by buying our products, you are supporting not only your personal health, but also the health of the entire planet.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Energetic Year 2020.

With Love,

Lifefood team and Tereza Havrlandová,

Founder of Lifefood

Lifefood team