Wild garlic spread with flax seeds

A delicious spread made with wild garlic. Let’s make the most of the first real spring vitamins that come out of the ground after winter!
Spreads & Crackers
15 minutes


Soak the flax seeds in a sufficient amount of clean water for about 8 hours. (we soak a large number of seeds once a week overnight, we rinse them in the morning, then we store them in the refrigerator. Finally we rinse them once again.) Soak the walnuts in clean water for 4 hours. Brazil nuts are also suitable, but no need to soak them.

Making the spread

Rinse the soaked flax seeds and nuts properly and put them in a blender. Add olive oil and vinegar according to your taste. Mix into a smooth spread.

Add sliced wild garlic.

Serve decorated with wild garlic leaves on one of our crackers or use in salads.

A few words about this spring goodness

The combination of flax seeds with a source of protein (nuts) and a source of sulfur (wild garlic) is a real natural medicine treasure for the body. 

The season for wild garlic is in full swing. If you are going to spend time in nature at this time of the year, a green aromatic miracle beautifully awaits to help your body get rid of any accumulated toxins during the winter. Be considerate during harvest, making sure you look where you place your feet. Only take the number of leaves you need and leave the bulbs untouched. If you want to use the benefits of wild garlic at a later date, you can dry the leaves, or mixed them with oil for later use. 

Golden Flax Seed 200 g
Walnuts Lifefood Product 50 g
Olive Oil 2 tbsp
Ume Vinegar 1 tsp
Wild Garlic to taste