Veggie Burgers

Enjoy as a quick and nutritious meal or as a snack.
Main courses
30 minutes

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Veggie Burgers

Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds

100 g pack size

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Veggie Burgers

Raw Organic Sunflower Seeds

200 g pack size

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First of all, soak the flax seeds and crush the pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a blender. Thinly grate the carrots and cut the peppers and tomatoes in small pieces. Chop the onions and mix them with the pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Add all the vegetables and the drained flax seeds. Mix to obtain a dough. 

Spread this dough in small portions 1cm thick. Decorate with sesame seeds, parsley or red onions which you lightly press into the dough to make them stick. 

Let dry your burgers during 13 hours below 42°C. You can keep them at least 3 days in the refrigerator. To keep them longer, let them dry completely.

Enjoy every moment.

Lifefood tip  :

If you don't like caraway, think of other herbs or spices. As fresh vegetables, courgettes and mushrooms get on really well. 

Made with love.

Pumpkin Seeds Lifefood Product 150 g
Sunflower Seeds Lifefood Product 150 g
Golden Flax Seed Lifefood Product 7 tbsp
Water 0,3 l
Carrot 330 g
Bell Pepper(s) 80 g
Fresh Tomato(es) 30 g
Red Onion 1
Caraway 5 tsp
Herb Salt 2,5 tsp
Black Pepper 0,5 tsp
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