Refreshing Sweet Pepper Spirulina Smoothie

Nutrient-rich vegetable smoothie made with tasty sweet peppers, antioxydant-rich spirulina and valuable maca.
10 minutes

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Refreshing Sweet Pepper Spirulina Smoothie

Raw Organic Maca Powder

220 g pack size

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Our favorite for hot summer days. The perfect refreshing- smoothie.

Core sweet peppers, grind spirulina and add both ingredients together with a teaspoon of maca powder into your blender. Mix all ingredients to create a colorful vegetable smoothie.  Enjoy every moment. Made with love.

The given amount serves 4.

Lifefood Tip:

The more water you add, the thinner your smoothie gets.

Bell Pepper(s) 2
Spirulina Tablets Lifefood Product 6
Maca Powder Lifefood Product 1 tsp
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