Peruvian dressing

Exclusive dressing of handmade Peruvian Olive Tapenade, fresh herbs and lemon.
10 minutes


Select the needed amount of Lifefood raw Olive Tapenade and mix it with some extra virgin olive oil until it reaches the desired consistency. Enjoy every moment.

Season your dressing with a little salt, pepper, lemon juice or vinegar and added some finely cut herbs. How about an extra dose of tarragon, oregano or thyme?

Lifefood Tip

Serve the dressing with your favorite salad from different lettuce leaves and delicious, fresh vegetables! Made with love!

Olive Tapenade Lifefood Product little bit of
Olive Oil little bit of
Salt little bit of
Black Pepper little bit of
Herbs (fresh or dried) little bit of
Lemon Juice little bit of
Vinegar little bit of