Ground Elder pesto with almonds

Become the king or queen of wild cuisine with this simple pesto.
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Ground Elder pesto with almonds

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The process couldn't be easier!

Ground Elder (Aegopodium podagraria), also called Bishop’s weed, is a perennial plant in the carrot family that grows in the wild. It has a celery meets lemon/parsley sort of flavour.

Soak the almonds overnight to activate them. The next day it is usually recommended to peel almonds, but in our experience it is not necessary. This pesto is also good with unpeeled almonds. It depends on your own preferences.

When collecting goutweed, go for young leaves, as they are juicier and tastier. Wash them well before use.

Take all the ingredients and mix them in a blender. It takes a little patience, the mixture sticks to the sides and it is important that there is sufficient amount in the blender to avoid overheating. However, with a little skill, everything will work out and you will have the pesto mixed in a few minutes.  

Then transfer to jars that you have carefully sterilised to preserve the pesto or serve straight away. We recommend consuming the pesto within 14 days.

This pesto is delicious with one of our crackers. Enjoy!

One more tip: Don't be afraid to experiment! Instead of almonds, sunflower seeds have also proved their worth, or you can play with the taste, for example by changing the oil. Follow your creative flair.

goutweed 2-3 handful
Almonds Lifefood Product 1 handful
Hazelnut Oil 150 ml
Salt 1 pinch of
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