Carrot Cream Soup

Warming cream soup with truly raw cashews, dried tomatoes, fresh orange juice and spicy ginger.
Lena's Recipes
15 minutes


In advance

Soak cashews and dried tomatoes in water for a few hours.


Chop carrots, spring onions and celery to simplify the blending. Mix those three with ginger, fresh orange juice, sundried tomatoes and the soaked cashews in your blender to get your creamy soup.
Season your raw soup with as much curry, sweet pepper and sea salt as you like. Enjoy every moment.

Lifefood Tip: For whom the warming effect of ginger is not enough, let the soup blend a little longer, so it warms up. You might also want to use lukewarm water. Made with love.


The given amount serves 2 people.

Carrot(s) 400 g
Raw Cashew Nuts Lifefood Product 2 tbsp
Dried Tomato(es) Lifefood Product 3
Spring onion 1
Celeriac 50 g
Orange Juice little bit of
Ginger (fresh) 1 cm
Water little bit of
Curry little bit of
Paprika Powder little bit of
Sea Salt little bit of