Cabbage and Red Quinoa Wraps

Thanks Lena for this delicious dish.
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30 minutes

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Cabbage and Red Quinoa Wraps

Raw Organic Sundried Tomatoes Halves

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The day before 

Soak the quinoa around 6 hours, drain and let sprout at least one night, longer if you wish.

Tomato cream

Soak the tomatoes for 1 hour, drain and mix with the syrup, almond paste, and enough water to obtain a thick paste.


Cut the carrot and cucumber in small bits.


Spread the tomato cream on the cabbage leaf.

Then spread the quinoa and add the vegetables.

Roll the cabbage and cut in pieces.

Lifefood tips

You can use almond mayonnaise or avocado dip instead of the tomato cream. Be inventive and try different vegetables too.

Enjoy every moment !

Red Quinoa 2 - 3 tbsp
White Cabbage 1
Dried Tomato(es) Lifefood Product 2 - 3
Raw Agave Syrup Lifefood Product 1 tsp
Raw Almond Butter 1 tsp
Water little bit of
Carrot(s) 1
Cucumber 1
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