6 tips on how to start your day nicely

6 tips on how to start your day nicely

Morning rituals are so important for a good start into the day. 

The start into a day is an often underrated point, but it lays the foundation for the entire daily routine. A positive feeling with a mix of good food, enough time and relaxation will help you to go to bed in good spirits in the evening. We'll give you 6 valuable tips on how to best start your day in the future.

1. Who turned the clock? Time management in the morning!

Probably the most important thing to start well into the day is the factor of "time". If you already plan to spend 30 minutes in the morning just to get ready, prepare breakfast for the whole family and go out with the dog, you can be sure that the day starts with some kind of stress.

Although it may be hard at first - try to add a few more minutes into your plan for the morning. Whether 40 minutes or 30 minutes more - this can structure your morning completely different. After the walk with the dog or the preparation of the breakfast, you have enough time to drink your favorite drink or have a read of the long-awaited book and to simply "shut down" your body for a bit.

2. Fit for the day - why yoga and meditation help you to kickstart the day

6 tips how to start the day nicely

"Dolphin"; "Tree" or "Warrior" - who has not thought about this subject at least once before, or wondered what these pretty funny-sounding words mean in terms of yoga. The topic of yoga and meditation is gaining more and more prominence and finds its place in more and more living rooms and fitness studios. But what brings us this kind of relaxation anyway?

It is known that the body releases endorphins, so-called "happy makers" through sport. These are distributed every time you practice your daily yoga program. Yoga is by no means just stretching your body - it takes a lot of effort and muscle power. Early in the morning, we can start the day right with a good feeling.

So the terms "dolphin" etc... are not simply words, they are meant to convey a sense of life and a very different perception of the body.

For the very "restful" people among you, meditation can be a good alternative or even a supplement to start the day with a peaceful and relaxed feeling. With all the hustle and bustle, the noise from the traffic that exists in many cities, a break from it all can be a healthy refreshment. Preferably this would take place in a warm, quiet place where you feel comfortable. Alternatively, you can incorporate this within your daily routine. Just try it and find the right way for you, whether with quiet music in the background or simply in a completely quiet atmosphere.

3. Healthy breakfast and therefore fit for the day

The saying "breakfasts like a king" should definitely apply here. The body wakes up with breakfast and starts to fire up properly after the first meal. Eating unhealthy, fatty foods immediately after getting up prevents the body from working properly and thus maintaining full energy storage for the entire day.


Those who already enjoy a varied breakfast in the morning with plenty of nutrients will start the day feeling more energetic and well-prepared. This becomes especially noticeable during the day as the energy needs increase.

4. Develop routines and set your intentions

Routines are boring and you need more action in your daily life, right? By saying ‘routine’ we do not mean to structure your entire day and to live only according to diaries. Things such as always having breakfast at the same time, or always incorporating your sports program into your day, can help enormously. This routine reduces the risk of simply leaving something out - the body gets used to this "ritual" and is almost looking forward to it again.

If you constantly feel that you have not done much at the end of the day, you should consciously set goals in the morning. What do you want to do throughout the day? What gives you a good feeling and what did you mean to do for a long time but didn’t manage to achieve yet?

5. In harmony with the body

What sounds weird at first, however, plays a very important role at the start of the day. Anyone who gets up and is already dissatisfied with themselves, has a “bad hair day” or is stressed by simple things, has an increased likelihood that this trend will last throughout the day. But how can you change this?

6 tips how to start the day nicely

To consciously take time for oneself and at the same time to give courage! Here, the familiar mirror on the front door often helps - a quick smile before leaving the apartment or a few positive thought can work wonders. Often you have to keep in mind that not every day can be perfect - but we can make the most of every day. As mentioned above: relax, have a good breakfast and set your intentions for the day. Stay motivated!

6. Do something that is fun for you

Fun is such a big factor that should not be underestimated. Just think about what you enjoy doing. Is it to dance to music or do you prefer to sit on your couch and read a good book? A walk in the morning with the dog or a quick run around the neighborhood can also help. Intentionally incorporate these "little things" into your everyday life and take this little break just for you on stressful days.

A good day is what you make of it!

In the end, everyone has to find out for themselves how to best start their day and what personally helps them start the day positively. A healthy cereal, a few pieces of fruits and a small sports program can help the body get through the day well and have enough energy to stay fit in the evening. Consciously taking time for oneself and paying attention to one's own needs should be the highest priority here. So nothing stands in the way of a good start into the day.