Earth Day

Earth Day

A day that values our environment. We can all contribute. How?

What exactly is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd to give our environment the respect it deserves. This day is now celebrated in 175 countries and is supposed to point out scarce resources and how to deal with them at the same time. Each year the focus of this year's "Earth Day" is determined anew. Its origin comes from the USA in 1970 - since then millions of people take part in the most diverse actions on this day.

Motives for this day

As already mentioned, "Earth Day" is intended to draw attention to our resources and encourage people to rethink our consumer behaviour. Our environment is often polluted by chemicals, plastic waste, and greenhouse gases. If each person follows a few tips, our nature can certainly be supported. But how exactly can we as individuals do something to make a difference?


We can all contribute

Even if many suspect that a single person cannot achieve much, the consequences are serious. One can say here quite clearly: "Little things make a big difference"! Whoever lives more consciously, helps to preserve our planet and our environment. How do you live more sustainably though?

Knowing what and where to buy from

Those who focus particularly on regional and seasonal cuisine help to avoid long journeys and transport routes. These pollute our environment through exhaust fumes and are usually not necessary at all. Many foods can be bought very locally and can score points especially for the short distances between harvest and sale as well as for their full flavour. In addition, the regional infrastructure is supported and each of us can understand where our money ends up - It is not financing complex management structures.

Anyone who also relies on organic quality for these foods can provide much more support. Conventionally grown fruit and vegetables quickly become mass production. This involves huge machinery, as well as the use of pesticides and other chemicals.  The cultivation of these vast areas in such a manner can result and permanently destroy the soil for future generations. With the seal "organic quality", we protect our earth as well as our body. This is why Lifefood only offers products in 100% best organic quality.

Last but not least: knowing where to buy our products from! In times of mass production and huge corporations, the consumer quickly loses track of where the raw materials come from. Those who consciously only buy products from companies that maintain direct contact with farmers and do not only act via intermediaries can significantly increase the probability of a high-quality and fairly cultivated product. Intermediaries and long communication paths can be avoided and have an effect on the products that we buy in the supermarket. At Lifefood, we have been supporting local farmers and families since day one who could not survive without the agricultural trade.


Paying attention to packaging

Plastic, plastic, plastic! Many of the products that we get presented with in the supermarket every day are wrapped in plastic packaging - sometimes several times and definitely superfluous. Fruit and vegetables have a "natural protective layer" which means they do not require packaging. The use of fabric bags and the like can provide a simple remedy. Small little helpers, such as Tupperware boxes, thermo cups made of sustainable materials and paper bags for the garbage can be easily integrated into everyday life and are much cheaper in the long run.

However, due to the high demand, companies are increasingly opting for compostable packaging. Unfortunately, the search for exactly this type of packaging is currently still quite difficult and a second look is definitely advisable. Not all packaging that appears sustainable and environmentally friendly at first glance is. We at Lifefood manufacture our latest creation, the Life Breakfast, exclusively in compostable and biodegradable packaging.


Make a mark on "Earth Day”

If each of us takes these tips to heart and tries to implement them, masses of plastic waste can be saved every year. Among other things, Earth Day is intended to draw attention to these points and, through annually changing themes, to gradually make people more appreciative of them.

Anyone can take part in this event and show that they too would like to be committed to our environment. By the innumerable actions on this day, everyone can make his personal contribution.