A little magical Advent story from Lifefood

A little magical Advent story from Lifefood

Every day can be magical!

Christmas Advent is a charming and magical time of the year – and here is a magical Advent story that happened to us right here at Lifefood.

One Advent morning, my colleague Romana went to talk to the people in the sales department about Christmas presents. Romana said, "I'm going to buy soaps from one small local manufactory because they help turtles ..." And the gift is twice as nice, since it supports a small soap factory and at the same time helps turtles.

As they were talking, a customer came to pick up her package of Lifefood products. Hearing what they were talking about, she said: "I'm from the Sea Turtles Foundation." Everyone was shocked and pleasantly surprised. That's what you call synchronicity! The lady had had the package there for almost a month and she came to pick it up just as Romana was there talking about turtles. Could there be anything more magical? ... and Lifefood has now also started supporting sea turtles. Because every little thing counts.

We wish you a beautiful Advent full of fairy tales!