Quality Certification - since its beginning in 2006, Lifefood has been manufacturing its products according to the strictest in-house and legal standards and its own philosophy. The use of the highest quality raw and organic ingredients is a prerequisite for the creation of healthy, tasty and the most nutritious foods.


Organic Certification

All Lifefood products contain 100% premium quality organic ingredients. We regularly evaluate and rate our suppliers according to very strict criteria. Our production is certified by ABCERT according to European standards. ORGANIC quality is our standard. CZ-BIO-002



All Lifefood products are made purely from plant ingredients, and no animal products are present in our facility. We choose not to contribute to the suffering of animals for the purpose of human consumption anywhere in the world, and our goal is to spread this idea through the production and sale of 100% vegan products.


Really Raw = Real Nutritional Content

All Lifefood products are processed at temperatures that don't exceed 45° C. Lifefood guarantees Really Raw Quality - not only the resulting product but also all the ingredients are never exposed to higher temperatures. They are not steamed, sterilised, baked, cooked, roasted or pasteurized. Thanks to this, all our products have high nutrient content and retain their original nutritional values as well as the natural essence of the raw materials. By not exposing any of our nutrients to temperatures above 45° C, they are very well absorbed and used by the human body.



All Lifefood products are made from naturally gluten-free ingredients and are regularly tested for gluten content. We work with the Gluten-free Diet Company z.s., which has granted us a license to use the trademarked "crossed-out cob symbol" of the respective European Gluten-free Diet Association. In connection with this, we are committed to testing annually all of our products for the absence of gluten as well as undergoing an audit that verifies the absence of all gluten directly in our manufacturing operations, and the elimination of any risk of contamination. All Lifefood products are 100% gluten-free and suitable for a gluten-free diet.



All Lifefood products are naturally free from lactose because we only use pure plant ingredients.


Without added sugar

All Lifefood products are produced without added refined or cane sugar, without malt or artificial sweeteners. Our products are sweet due to naturally occurring sugars in dried or fresh fruit or in raw agave syrup. Thanks to this, most of our products have a low glycemic index.


No Genetic Modification (non-GMO)

All Lifefood products are made from ingredients without any genetic modification. We recognize the risks of disrupting natural processes and life cycles. We are opposed to multinational corporations that violently interfere with natural processes by manipulating nature and humans for the sole purpose of gaining profits.


With love

We do not have giant production lines that are operated by a few nameless and faceless people. On the contrary, we work in small teams and we know each other's names. Each product goes through the hands of a particular person who is responsible for it and cares for its quality and taste. He or she knows that someone will be enjoying that product very shortly and wants that person to be happy with it. We do our work with love.


International Food Standard Certification (IFS)

Credibility and trust are important. Lifefood has been awarded the IFS certification which focuses on the safety, quality, and legal requirements of food production. The results of our latest company's IFS audit were excellent; all of our procedures and production processes have been certified as absolutely safe and in accordance with the highest legal standards. We have been recognized as a reliable and transparent partner.


We Care About Our Planet Earth

We strive towards sustainability in our business by eliminating unnecessary waste. We work with ORGANIC farmers who care about the conditions future generations will live in on Earth. We care about the future of planet Earth and consider every decision from the perspective of the whole planet.